Message from Vice Principal


Message From Vice Principal 

Prof. Md. Shah Alam

Message from Principle

I am very much happy to join Chandpur Government College as Vice-Principal. Earlier I passed B.C.S’85 (7th batch) and Joined this college as a lecturer in 1988.This college is the biggest educational institute of the Chandpur district. There are Higher Secondary, Degree pass & Hon’s, Masters Part-1 & Final courses available. It is the Pioneer institution. Students from far and near are admitted here to acquire proper knowledge. After that they spread out elsewhere in the country to serve the nation. We the teachers of the college always try to teach our students proper education. This is our motto.

For the teachers: “Teaching and learning are two sides of a coin” is my favorite utterance. So I earnestly request to my colleagues to follow it. I also believe WITHOUT LEARNING TEACHING IS A TALKING. Knowledge based education is essential for us. We should create demand for knowledge based education. We nurse our students in a proper way.

For the students:  “The more you read, the more you will learn” You know the proverb. You should learn your lesson on time. Without proper knowledge, you will not succeed in life. Knowledge is power. If you have this power, you will be able to enjoy everything. ICT based education is essential for us. So I urge all of my students to join and earn ICT education.